Mines Certificate in Entrepreneurship

This certificate program is designed to train and certify you in creative problem-solving methods used to implement innovations to achieve a competitive advantage. The program is designed to serve professionals, students, and employers.  Whether you  want to advance your career by upgrading your skills to contribute to innovation initiatives within a company. Or you’re an employer that wants to infuse your employees with an entrepreneurial mindset on the job with minimal time away from duties using directly applicable methods and tools. Mines certificate in entrepreneurship will get you there and beyond. This 9-credit-hour certificate program draws from the entrepreneurship and innovations courses in the Engineering and Technology Management (ETM) MS program. Read below to find out more about the courses included in Mines Certificate in Entrepreneurship training. 

Technology Entrepreneurship

(EBGN 566)

Introduces concepts related to starting and expanding a technological-based corporation. Presents ideas such as developing a business and financing plan, role of intellectual property, and the importance of a good R&D program. Prerequisite: None. 3 semester hours.

Entrepreneurial Finance

(EBGN 573)

Entrepreneurial activity has been a potent source of innovation and job generation in the global economy. In the U.S., the majority of new jobs are generated by new entrepreneurial firms. The financial issues confronting entrepreneurial firms are drastically different from those of established companies. The focus in this course will be on analyzing the unique financial issues which face entrepreneurial firms and to develop a set of skills that has wide applications for such situations. Prerequisite: EBGN505. Corequisite: EBGN545. 3 semester hours.

Leading & Managing High Performing Teams

(EBGN 577)

(I) Effective leaders contribute significantly to their organizations performance. When they take advantage of a technological innovation or respond to a crisis, leaders rely on critical skills to communicate their vision and coordinate tasks performed by others. This course is about developing your unique leadership skills and style whether you lead a small engineering team or, eventually, a large global corporation. We review key theories of leadership and examine the lessons learned from those who applied them. We synthesize and translate these lessons into specific behaviors that enhance your ability to lead. We discuss how generational shifts, economic and political factors impact the workplace in ways that call for effective, quality leadership. Ultimately, you have to understand how to lead and motivate individuals who don’t look or think like you. This may involve motivating followers and involving them in making decisions. Following a learning-by-doing approach, we complement class discussions and case studies with a hands-on simulation of a leadership team facing a series of crises. 3 hours lecture; 3 semester hours.

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