After a seven month run in downtown Denver, the DaVinci Machines Exhibition has moved to Golden onto the campus of the Colorado School of Mines!  We have created two exhibitions on the Mines campus: The Art of Innovation: DaVinci and Michelangelo and Machines of Change: The DaVinci Machines.  These exhibitions are free and open to the public, and will allow Mines students and visitors to explore attributes of DaVinci that resonate to a modern entrepreneur, including: 

  • Relentless curiosity… an insatiable hunger to learn, to question, to search for better answers, and to articulate his ideas in pictures and propose new possibilities.
  • Seeing more… he observed things differently, using all his senses to appreciate richer detail, to align perspective and perception, and thereby to better understand his subject.
  • Thinking bigger… appreciating art and science, logic and imagination, he was able to think more broadly, embracing rigorous analysis whilst also trusting his intuition.
  • Making connections… to connect the unconnected, to embrace the fusion and intersection between the natural and physical world.
  • Embracing paradox… thriving on ambiguity and uncertainty, creating mystery and depth, be it the contrast in his sketches or asking questions without obvious answers.
  • Courageous action… always seeking to prove his hypotheses, to experiment and test, to make his ideas tangible, and to do what no one else has done before.
  • Enlightened mind… constantly renewing mental and physical fitness, exploring new worlds to spark new ideas, not being a slave to work but living a full life.

Together, these exhibitions will provide tremendous insight into the innovation process and create an understanding of DaVinci as a 15th century technical entrepreneur!  Join us to create a stunning visual portrayal of the innovation process as it was originally developed almost 500 years ago!   Explore the vision and process of one of the world’s most recognized inventor and artist, and understand the contrasting approaches developed by Michelangelo and DaVinci.

The Art of Innovation Exhibit will take place in the Arthur Lakes Library, where over 30 high-resolution digital reproductions will be on display throughout the main level of the library.  Viewers will be able to listen to an audio self-guided tour to learn about DaVinci’s entrepreneurial spirit and application of innovative techniques in the creation of these masterpieces.  Full-size reproductions of the Mona Lisa, Last Supper and other classics will be on display along with a special collection of a dozen high-resolution prints of Michelangelo’s paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

The Machines of Change exhibition will be on display in the new atrium of the CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering on the Mines campus.  This collection of over 60 authentic reproductions of machines and devices designed by Leonardo DaVinci were created using similar materials, building techniques and tools that Leonardo would have had access to in his time.  Each exhibit is the exact size and is a museum quality reproduction of DaVinci’s technical drawings exploring weights and forces, levers and pulleys, cogs and wheels. From this he created everything thing from a loom to spin wool to clocks that kept time. His understanding of propulsion led to the first designs for a bicycle, his insight into water displacement allowed him to imagine what a submarine could do.

Please join us at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (www.innovation.mines.edu) and the Arthur Lakes Library in this beautiful journey exploring the genius and elegance of these two acclaimed masters!


We are seeking to raise $25,000 to help support the installation.

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