Want to get more involved with entrepreneurship and innovation? Below is a list of workshops, talks, challenges, conferences, and more hosted both by Mines as well as by our partners and organizations around the world.

Stay tuned for more events as we get closer to the Fall 2019 semester!



Open with Library Hours

The DaVinci Machines Exhibit: On Campus

Mines is a proud sponsor of The Da Vinci Machines Exhibit, which is now being exhibited in the Arthur Lakes Library. The exhibit is displaying hand-crafted inventions built from Leonardo’s 500 year old designs as well as his artistic masterpieces which have been digitally remastered for an up close and personal look at the greatest genius of all time.  More Information Here

Applications Close September 1, 2019

ACerS PCSA Humanitarian Pitch Competition

The Pitch Competition calls for students to engage problem solving and creativity to solve real world problems by utilizing their knowledge in material science. Undergraduate and graduate students will receive a prompt that revolves around the 14 Grand Challenges, which includes topics such as renewable energy, water quality, food supply, health care, and affordable housing. Teams with a maximum of 4 participates will develop a solution using material science to a prompt that includes a technical approach, budget, and description of the needed community. An abstract must be submitted no later than September 1st, 2019 and students will give their 8-10 minute pitch of their solution to a panel of judges in MS&T’19. There, the teams will be questioned on their pitch by the judges and the winners of the pitch competition will be announced..  More Information Here