The Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network
Colorado School of Mines is excited to announce that the university is now an official partner of the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN). KEEN is a growing network of 30+ undergraduate engineering programs around the United States, including institutions such as Arizona State University, Santa Clara University and Villanova University. The network’s mission is to graduate engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset who can create personal, economic, and societal value through a lifetime of meaningful work.
As a KEEN partner, Mines will have access to exclusive benefits aimed at helping to expand and improve entrepreneurial education on campus. Benefits include faculty development opportunities, curriculum resources and grants and funding for aligned initiatives, such as support for the University Innovation Fellows program.
Advocating for expanding the entrepreneurial mindset – which encompasses student attitudes, motivations and dispositions – is critical in today’s dynamic and interconnected world. KEEN helps students to develop this mindset through a framework of the “3C’s:”
  • Curiosity: “An inquisitiveness marked by an insatiable desire to learn about our changing world”
  • Connections: “The ability to integrate information from many different sources to gain insight”
  • Creating Value: “Finding unexpected opportunities to create value for others”
Mines hopes to use the resources provided by KEEN to develop new programs and to equip faculty with the tools needed to incorporate these concepts into initiatives and curriculum at Mines so that students are best prepared to find success upon entering the workforce.