Labriola Innovation Hub

Labriola Innovation Hub

Coming soon, the Labriola Innovation Hub (InnoHub) at Mines provides state-of-the-art maker spaces where students create, pretotype, test and iterate on their ideas. Home to student-led collaborations, student hacker oriented clubs and project-based competition teams, the Labriola InnoHub is part of the greater Labriola Innovation Complex, which includes the adjacent classroom facility McNeil Hall and large work bays for student projects.

“If you go to any makerspace around the country and ask individuals using them what makes the space successful, it is almost always community. And it’s the same here at Mines. I love going into makerspaces and seeing someone working on something cool. The Labriola Innovation Complex will be a central place where students can help each other build projects and community.” 

~ Sevy Swift ’19, Past president of Mines Maker Society


The Labriola Innovation Complex is named in honor of Frank ‘52 and Mary Labriola. Frank and Mary recognize the societal importance of hard work, competition and innovation. They care deeply about entrepreneurial spirit and drive, and its importance to the prosperity of our nation.