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Be part of the movement by joining MinesX to connect with the next generation of student entrepreneurs, engineers, and other industry innovators. MinesX is a tool for Mines students and community who are designing, building, and growing entrepreneurial projects and businesses. Mines students participating in innovation and entrepreneurship classes, competitions, and programs at Mines should sign up with their preferred email address. The MinesX site which is operated by the Harness Network, is intended to facilitate communcation and project development among student teams, as well as connect them to external resources and opportunities. *Mines does not promote, evaluate, or endorse any job, intership, or opportunity publicized by Harness.

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The McNeil Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Mines is a partner of the Mines Career Center. MinesX is not the Mines contracted career services manager or software. Students seeking jobs, internships, and career planning services should visit the Mines Career Center and Diggernet website.