The McNeil Difference

Refining Different Oils for Peak Performance

For top athletes, the mental game is everything. Visualizing the performance. Staying calm and collected. Finding the “Zone”. The zone for every athlete is different. It's the optimal state of psychological and physical preparedness that enables the athlete to compete at peak performance. To visualize and find her way into her zone, Michelle Roark’s sports psychologist had always told her to use all her senses. While others would use music or lucky socks, Roark found that the sense of ... read more

How Ian Co-Started Scratch Labs

Ian MacGregor describes himself as “a coachable lover of feedback”. This has been a key ingredient to his recipe for success as a professional cyclist and entrepreneur. Seeking feedback and being flexible are central to the innovation process we teach and follow here at the McNeil Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. A Mines 2012 Mechanical Engineering graduate, MacGregor is co-founder and CEO of Skratch Labs (, a Boulder-based sports nutrition company that ... read more

Hypotheses Testing in Practice

A recent Mines graduate shared with me that she was conducting interviews to test her startup hypotheses. Because the McNeil Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E&I) emphasizes the importance of following the scientific method in launching startups, I wanted to be sure she was going about it correctly to ensure she is getting the most out of her investment of time and effort. "How are you testing these hypotheses in conversations?” I asked. “We’re just talking as that’s ... read more