Here are some of the current startups Mines students are pursuing . 


Technavance is proud to enable the next generation of human physiology research. Great science requires great engineering.


Technavance is a small, women-owned business that manufactures innovative, state-of-the-art physiology research solutions. Physiology researchers spend decades learning about physiology; a focus that leads to expertise in physiology but not in engineering. For researchers leading in their respective fields this leaves institutional engineering departments or custom engineering firms their only options for novel and innovative instrumentation. Both options share the same challenges – high cost and a lack of relevant expertise. Technavance solves this problem! Collectively, our expertise encompasses areas of cardiovascular, space, and exercise physiology along with physics, engineering, and math. This combined skill set renders us uniquely capable of customizing instruments and software to provide leading-edge physiology research instruments at the lowest prices available on the market. By focusing our engineering resources on these niche technologies, we develop strong expertise in each of the methodologies we support. Our mission is to connect great engineering to great science thereby enabling the next generation of physiology researchers, today.


Homes that live with you

Addazu uses a modular system of parts to create buildings that can adapt to the needs of their occupants and environment even after construction is complete.

Superpower3D is creating advanced manufacturing solutions for consumer products to meet the needs of the modern world. Our flagship product is a customizable number tracking device that makes games more immersive and fun

Belong Designs was started by three students in their senior year at Mines. With their company, they hoped to follow their passion and break from the traditional mold. Belong creates active-wear gear for athletes and adventurers. Learn more HERE


Revolutionizing Data Acquisition

We modernize data acquisition so that users can focus more on the data itself rather than the data collection process. Learn More HERE


Cobio has patented technology from Mines researchers to quickly and accurately test bacterial infections. Cobio formed from a partnership with Traxion, a local start-up accelerator.

Cobio Diagnostics is a life sciences biotechnology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of rapid, next-generation, phage-amplified diagnostics for bacterial ID and phenotypic detection of antibiotic resistance.

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest public health challenges facing the world today and Cobio Diagnostics is developing a critical tool to address this challenge. The ineffective practice of administering broad-spectrum antibiotics while waiting for test results can be replaced with an effective treatment that provides only the needed antibiotic at the needed dose.

Learn more HERE


PolyNew is dedicated to providing customers with a clean, quality regrind to turn their old plastics into profits. They do this through effectively recovering materials that were previously seen as waste. Learn More HERE

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