Here are some of the current startups Mines students are pursuing. 


AirBespoke was founded by Mines student Kylen McClintock. They make custom fitted suits produced by Vietnamese tailors. The unique aspect of AirBespoke is in their customer-centered business model. Click below to learn more.


Airband started from the Newmont Mining Innovation Challenge in 2016. This group developed a wearable dust monitor that generates dust heat maps in a real-time manner and is accessible to all stakeholders. 


Belong Designs was started by three students in their senior year at Mines. With their company, they hoped to follow their passion and break from the traditional mold. Belong creates active-wear gear for athletes and adventurers. 


PolyNew is dedicated to providing customers with clean, quality regrind to turn their old plastics into profits. They do this through effectively recovering materials that were previously seen as waste. 

Foro Energy

Foro Energy is commercializing the application of high power lasers for the oil, natural gas, geothermal, and mining industries. We support our clients throughout the life cycle of their assets with a focus on maximizing operational performance and efficiency.


Cobio has patented technology from Mines researchers to quickly and accurately test bacterial infections. Cobio formed from a partnership with Traxion, a local start-up accelerator.


Tell us about your current startup and we will feature you here!

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