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Master the art and science of bringing ideas to life. Learn how to co-create value by solving problems that matter.


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Create mockups or scale models of your solutions for target users and community members to test drive.

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Bring potential users, customers, or partners to try your solutions in the Innov8x studio. Watch this video to learn about Ken Liang and Chris Tolton’s startup journey.

Learn from alumni just like you

Read about Todd Benson’s entrepreneurial journey and what he learned from his mentor, Ruben Hartmeister, the man who invented Coors’ infamous aluminum can. “If I would have had the business education Mines has now, I think it would have accelerated me dramatically on my path,” he said. “Just having an education on IP strategy, on what it takes to raise money, on what innovation is–would have given me a head start. There are some individuals who are by nature innovators and inventor-types who are going to be impacted like gasoline on a fire with an infrastructure like this.”

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