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Win prizes by designing a real-world solution to problems with high demand

We invite challenging problems from industry, government or non-profits. Mines students and faculty tackle problems in competitive challenges that range from 3 hours to 3 weeks or longer. 

What are Innov8x Challenges?

Four students collaborating on a project
Compete against other entrepreneurs to solve urgent industry problems

The Mines Innov8x challenges are a wonderful opportunity to experience growth and learning in the Innov8x program. We invite students to join their peers in crafting innovative systems to solve important business problems. Companies come to us with the task of solving an urgent issue they have, and the Innov8x challenges provide an exciting way to deliver a solution.

The focus of the program is to enable participants to develop the skills to solve important problems – in the community, in their company, or in government – and apply their exceptional engineering and technical skills to develop innovative solutions.

  • Immerse yourself in a collaborative environment of like-minded entrepreneurial innovators.
  • Advance your startup or join one and accelerate its progress
  • Gain exposure to job and internship opportunities while
    networking in your desired industry
  • Avoid boring lectures and work hands-on at the maker space and other shops to gain real-world entrepreneurial and innovation skills

Why Choose an Innov8x Challenge?


Due to high demand, registration for challenges fills up quickly. Click below to register now.


Join other companies and challenge our team to provide you exciting, innovative solutions.

Our Track Record

Innov8x BAX Challenge

Spring 2023
What an incredible event the Innov8 x BPX challenge was! The Marquez Auditorium served as the perfect setting for the pitch presentations, and the top three teams were rewarded with a generous prize pool of $5000. The event was a successful collaboration between the Mines Computer Science and the McNeil Center team, and we were honored to have Wendy Fisher, Tolga Can, and Kathleen Kelly join the BPX Team as judges. The partnership between all involved was truly outstanding, and we extend our gratitude to Matthew McElhaney Julian Liu, and Ayush Rastogi from BPX for their invaluable contributions to this fantastic event.

Hack2Help Hackthon!

Spring 2023
Innov8x and KickStart hosted a hackathon that encourages participants to use their computer science skills to address social inequities. Participants were able to use any programming language and were encouraged to find a problem they are passionate about and create a solution.