About the Center

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Colorado School of Mines was established to help students explore their innovative and entrepreneurial potential. We help to grow and connect the resources already available on campus as well as to launch new initiatives led by faculty, students, and our own staff. From new courses to innovation competitions, student groups to grants, think of us as the catalyst for anything entrepreneurial or innovative on campus that needs an extra spark to achieve maximum results.

Our Mission

One, to educate our students in modern entrepreneurial thinking, and two, to provide the opportunity for our students and faculty to explore the commercialization of their science and technology ideas.

Our Vision

A Colorado School of Mines where entrepreneurs are seamlessly connected with the infrastructure, resources, and funding they need to achieve their goal: developing sustainable and successful commercial entities based on either Mines-derived or individual-derived technologies.

“…all technology starts as a spark in someone’s brain. An idea of something that didn’t exist before, that once they have invented it —brought it into existence — could change everything.”
Nathan Myhrvol